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Case Study  Geberit Vertriebs GmbH

25% reduction in support queries that need to be answered manually

How Geberit uses a digital assistant to make the taboo topic of shower toilets come alive and transfer recurring end customer support queries from phone calls / e-mails to an AI chatbot that completely automates them.

Dipl. Phys. Thomas Brückle, MBA
Division Manager Marketing, Geberit Vertriebs GmbH

+ 24.000

interactions each year

+ 47%

automation of all messages


decrease in queries

The challenge: the taboo topic of shower toilets and B2B2C

While the corporate brand “Geberit” enjoys great renown in Europe and many people are familiar with it, fewer than 3% of the German-speaking population even knows what a shower toilet is. There are two primary reasons for this. For one thing, this is a product that requires some explanation and whose product category is largely unknown. For another, the topic of intimate hygiene is still taboo.

The “shower toilet” product category from Geberit accordingly faces considerable communication challenges and is difficult to market. Additionally, most contact with end customers is only indirect because handymen are responsible for most direct contact – so-called B2B2C communication.

Nonetheless, numerous questions reach Geberit’s end customer support on a regular basis

  • approx. 40,000 calls every year
  • approx. 18,000 e-mails every year

Owing to the high number of queries, it was only possible to achieve a reachability of less than 55%. A large portion of these queries are recurring, and potential and existing customers want to receive answers to their questions around the clock.

The solution: a self-learning AI chatbot

Geberit decided to use the AI chatbot from knowhere as a solution. Based on natural speech processing, that chatbot automatically understands queries in real time, prequalifies them, and answers them. The chatbot was trained for the following application cases in particular and was enriched with appropriate solution processes:
Topics relevant to sales:

  • Functioning principle
  • Costs
  • Advantages
  • Water
  • Purchasing
  • Installation
  • Specialist dealers

Topics relevant to service

  • Malfunctions
  • Operation
  • Paper required
  • Testing
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Error codes

The self-learning system made it possible for the chatbot to learn new things in every conversation and thus automate more and more customer queries. The result: 25% fewer queries from end customers had to be answered manually. The digital assistant was able to reduce manual answers to customer queries by 25% and increase reachability to “around the clock”. An unexpected side effect was that the AI chatbot helped people overcome the psychological hurdle presented by the taboo topic since users could anonymously ask their questions about toilet showers during the chat.

  • Approx. 24,000 interactions every year with the chatbot
  • Approx. 10% of all exchanges are converted into a lead
  • 81% AI accuracy (quality value of the artificial intelligence; it is 11% above the target value)
  • 47% complete automation of all queries with the chatbot

See the Chatbot in action


Geberit AG is a European market leader for sanitary products and employs approximately 12,000 staff in 50 countries. One of its main products is the shower toilet “Geberit AquaClean”.


Sanitary technology


B2C Chatbot




Digital assistant implements the concept of a “we” brand

Geberit AquaClean details

Next Steps

1. optimization & extension:
Further optimize and enhance the chatbot.

2. from B2C to B2B
Service questions from specialist partners.

3. group-wide project
Roll out to other country markets.

Keys to Success

  • Human takeover: Conversations can be seamlessly handed over from chatbots to employees in live chats if customers demonstrate strong interest in the product
  • User-centered thinking: Seeing things from the bot users’ perspective
  • Focus on conversational design: creating chat-specific responses
  • Setting the proper expectations: picking up internal & external stakeholders
  • Start with a free consulting call:

    You can expect to learn:

    • how to automate your customer communications in different messaging channel
    • how to qualify and route customer request to the right place with artificial intelligence
    • how to lower you response time to customer requests to under one minute